🎬 Spine-Chilling Thrillers to Binge-Watch on Netflix Now!

Are you ready to get your heart racing? Dive into these nail-biting thrillers that are currently streaming on Netflix. From supernatural horrors to mind-bending mysteries, these movies will keep you at the edge of your seat!

👻 1. Under the Shadow (2016):

Step into the haunting world of “Under the Shadow,” a tale that blurs the lines between spooky and real-world horrors. Set in 1980s Tehran during a time of conflict, the story follows Shideh, a medical student. Her journey to protect her daughter is filled with spine-tingling tension and eerie twists. Don’t miss this gripping experience that will send shivers down your spine.

💻 2. Cam (2018):

“Cam” takes you into the mysterious world of adult webcam performances. When a performer discovers a dark doppelgänger has taken her online identity, the film explores the eerie sides of online life. With a captivating performance by Madeline Brewer, this movie will leave you captivated and unsettled.

🧠 3. I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020):

“I’m Thinking of Ending Things” is a psychological puzzle that follows a perplexing road trip. Jessie Buckley shines as the story unfolds with twists and turns. While it might challenge your mind, its intriguing nature will keep you engaged.

🔒 4. Gerald’s Game (2017):

In “Gerald’s Game,” psychological terror takes center stage when a woman finds herself alone, handcuffed to a bed after a traumatic incident. Carla Gugino’s outstanding performance will send chills down your spine in this gripping adaptation.

🏠 5. His House (2020):

“His House” brings South Sudanese refugees into the spotlight as they face supernatural challenges in a small European town. With powerful performances, this horror story captivates through its dramatic storytelling .

🏡 6. The Rental (2020):

Airbnbs turn into a nightmare in “The Rental.” When friends rent a house, suspicions arise that they’re being watched. This film taps into the unease of modern technology and secrecy.

👻 7. Unfriended (2014):

“Unfriended” innovatively uses screens to tell its story of teens haunted during a Skype chat. Trashy yet terrifying, this movie paved the way for similar screen-based films.

👻 8. Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016):

“Ouija: Origin of Evil” surpasses its predecessor with supernatural tension. Focusing on a widow’s struggles with a malevolent spirit, this film offers an improved experience.

🏢 9. Berlin Syndrome (2017):

“Berlin Syndrome” delves into captivity and inner struggles. Teresa Palmer’s compelling performance creates a haunting dynamic in this psychological drama.

🚗 10. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019):

“El Camino” continues the legacy of “Breaking Bad” as Jesse Pinkman faces a suspenseful journey. Aaron Paul’s enthralling performance keeps fans hooked.

🔪 11. Apostle (2018):

“Apostle” blends horror and action in a chilling tale. Dan Stevens infiltrates a cult, leading to intense violence and gore.

🎥 12-13. Creep (2014) and Creep 2 (2017):

The “Creep” series follows a videographer’s encounter with an eccentric client. Mark Duplass’s portrayal creates psychological intrigue, delivering suspenseful storytelling Netflix.

📜 14. Nocturnal Animals (2016):

“Nocturnal Animals” delves into a failed relationship through parallel stories. With intense performances, this visually stunning masterpiece is a must-see Netflix.

📞 15. The Guilty (2021):

“The Guilty” stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a 911 dispatcher facing a distressing call. Shot during lockdown, this crime thriller captivates with its intimate setting.

🔍 16. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022):

“Glass Onion” offers an entertaining cast and a captivating performance by Janelle Monáe. While not as tight as its predecessor, the film provides an enjoyable experience.

🏰 17. Crimson Peak (2015):

“Crimson Peak” delivers Gothic visuals and exceptional performances. Set in Victorian England, the romantic ghost story is chilling and captivating.

⚕️ 18. The Good Nurse (2022):

“The Good Nurse” presents a chilling crime story starring Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain. Based on true events, it captivates with brilliant performances.

🌹 19. Rebecca (2020):

“Rebecca” offers a passable adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s classic. While not matching the original, the film has strong performances.

🕊️ 20. Bird Box (2018):

“Bird Box” stars Sandra Bullock in a post-apocalyptic thriller. Gripping and intense, the movie is a must-watch for suspense lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Thrilling Netflix Movies You Can’t Miss

Q1: What is the article about?

A1: The article highlights a list of gripping and spine-chilling thriller movies currently available on Netflix.

Q2: How does “Under the Shadow” stand out?

A2: “Under the Shadow” is a haunting tale set in 1980s Tehran during a conflict, blurring the lines between supernatural terror and real-world horrors.

Q3: What is “Cam” about?

A3: “Cam” delves into the eerie world of adult webcam performances, where a performer discovers a sinister doppelgänger has taken her online identity.

Q4: What’s intriguing about “I’m Thinking of Ending Things”?

A4: “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” is a psychological thriller involving a perplexing road trip with mind-bending twists.

Q5: How does “Gerald’s Game” create tension?

A5: “Gerald’s Game” presents psychological terror as a woman finds herself handcuffed to a bed in the wilderness after her husband’s death.

Q6: What is unique about “His House”?

A6: “His House” captivates through dramatic storytelling as South Sudanese refugees face supernatural challenges in a small European town.

Q7: How does “Unfriended” stand out in the horror genre?

A7: “Unfriended” innovatively uses screen-based storytelling, following teens haunted by a vengeful spirit during a Skype chat.

Q8: What improvement does “Ouija: Origin of Evil” offer?

A8: “Ouija: Origin of Evil” surpasses its predecessor with improved supernatural tension and storytelling.

Q9: How does “Berlin Syndrome” explore captivity?

A9: “Berlin Syndrome” delves into captivity and inner struggles, with compelling performances adding to the haunting dynamic.

Q10: What’s the continuation of “Breaking Bad” in “El Camino”?

A10: “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” continues the legacy of “Breaking Bad,” following Jesse Pinkman’s suspenseful journey.

Q11: How does “Apostle” combine horror and action?

A11: “Apostle” blends horror and action as a man infiltrates a remote cult, leading to intense violence and gore.

Q12: What’s unique about the “Creep” series?

A12: The “Creep” series follows a videographer’s encounters with an eccentric client, creating psychological intrigue through found-footage storytelling.

Q13: What is the central theme of “Nocturnal Animals”?

A13: “Nocturnal Animals” brutally explores a failed relationship through parallel storylines, accompanied by intense performances.

Q14: What’s the premise of “The Guilty”?

A14: “The Guilty” features Jake Gyllenhaal as a 911 dispatcher facing a distressing call, set in an intimate and compelling crime thriller.

Q15: What is “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” about?

A15: “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” is a follow-up film with an entertaining ensemble cast and captivating performance, though not as airtight as its predecessor.

Q16: How does “Crimson Peak” create its chilling atmosphere?

A16: “Crimson Peak” offers Gothic visuals and exceptional performances in a romantic ghost story set in Victorian-era England.

Q17: What is “The Good Nurse” based on?

A17: “The Good Nurse” is an intimate crime story based on true events, starring Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain.

Q18: How does “Rebecca” compare to the original classic?

A18: “Rebecca” is a passable adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s classic, featuring strong performances.

Q19: What makes “Bird Box” a must-watch?

A19: “Bird Box” is a post-apocalyptic thriller with a gripping premise, strong performances, and record-breaking success on Netflix.

Q20: How can I enjoy these thrilling movies?

A20: Grab your popcorn and prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions and suspense by streaming these gripping Netflix movies!

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