Chandrayaan-3 Moon Landing: How Computers and AI Ensure a Safe Touchdown

Historic Moment for India: Chandrayaan-3 Moon Landing Today at 6.04 PMChandrayaan-3 is ready to create history, check landing date, time and more

In a remarkable leap for India, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is on the verge of making history with the Chandrayaan-3 mission. This exciting event is set to unfold today, August 23, 2023, as Chandrayaan-3 is all geared up to touch down on the moon’s surface at around 6.04 pm IST.

Crucial Fifteen Minutes: The Key to Success

The final fifteen minutes of this lunar mission hold the key to its success or failure. This critical phase will decide if Chandrayaan-3 triumphs. These crucial moments are a nail-biting period during which the lander must execute a technical maneuver. This maneuver transforms its high-speed horizontal motion into a controlled vertical descent, aiming for a graceful landing on the moon’s surface.

Chandrayaan-3 Moon Landing: How Computers and AI Ensure a Safe Touchdown

Understanding “Fifteen Minutes of Terror”

Imagine the tension! The last fifteen minutes of this moon mission are like walking on a tightrope. Just as a cricketer faces a heart-pounding last over, ISRO faces these nerve-wracking moments. They recall the past when Chandrayaan-2 encountered a snag in this exact phase. Back then, ISRO Chairman Dr. K Sivan famously referred to this nerve-wracking period as the “15 minutes of terror.”

Learning from History: Chandrayaan-2’s Hurdle

The history lesson: during Chandrayaan-2’s final stretch, the Vikram lander faced trouble switching from a horizontal to a vertical position. It lost control a mere 7.42 km from the lunar surface. The present challenge is akin to solving a complex puzzle. This final phase demands utmost precision and expertise. Understandably, the scientists are feeling the heat once again.

Countdown to Touchdown: Date and Time

Mark your calendars! Today’s the day. Chandrayaan-3 is set to make its lunar landing today, August 23, 2023, precisely at 6.04 pm. This landmark event promises to etch India’s name in the annals of space exploration.

Breaking News: Chandrayaan-3 Successfully Navigates Lunar Orbit with Precision Moves

Where to Witness the Spectacle: Live Streaming

Eager to witness this celestial spectacle? You’re in luck! ISRO is rolling out the red carpet for space enthusiasts. Tune in to ISRO’s official website,, to catch the live streaming of Chandrayaan-3’s adventure. That’s not all – you can also catch the action on ISRO’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.So there you have it, a monumental day is here as Chandrayaan-3 prepares to land on the moon. The nation holds its breath, and the world watches in awe as India’s space endeavors reach new heights. 

Chandrayaan-3 Moon Landing FAQ

Q1: When is the historic Chandrayaan-3 moon landing taking place?A1: The Chandrayaan-3 mission is scheduled to land on the moon’s surface on August 23, 2023, at 6.04 pm IST.Q2: Why are the final fifteen minutes of the mission crucial? A2:The last fifteen minutes are vital because they determine the success or failure of the mission. During this time, the lander performs a technical maneuver to transition from horizontal motion to a controlled vertical descent for landing.Q3: What is the significance of the term “Fifteen minutes of terror”?A3: “Fifteen minutes of terror” refers to the nerve-wracking final phase of the moon mission, where the outcome is uncertain. It was famously coined by ISRO Chairman Dr. K Sivan to describe the intense tension during this critical period.Q4: How did Chandrayaan-2’s final phase impact Chandrayaan-3’s approach?A4: Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram lander faced challenges in switching to a vertical position during its final phase, leading to a loss of control. This past experience influenced the careful planning and precision required for Chandrayaan-3’s successful landing.Q5: Where can I watch the live coverage of Chandrayaan-3’s moon landing?A5: The live streaming of Chandrayaan-3’s moon landing will be available on ISRO’s official website (, as well as on ISRO’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.Q6: What is the expected impact of Chandrayaan-3’s success? A6: Chandrayaan-3’s success would mark a significant achievement for India’s space exploration efforts, further solidifying the nation’s prowess in the field and inspiring advancements in space technology.Q7: What does the Chandrayaan-3 mission aim to accomplish?A7: The primary goal of the Chandrayaan-3 mission is to achieve a successful landing on the moon’s surface, conducting experiments and research to gather valuable data about the lunar environment.Chandrayaan-3 is ready to create history, check landing date, time and moreQ8: How can the general public get involved or stay updated on the mission’s progress?A8: The general public can stay engaged by following ISRO’s official platforms, such as their website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page, for live updates, videos, and insights into the mission’s developments.Q9: What measures have been taken to ensure Chandrayaan-3’s success during the crucial final phase?A9: Extensive planning, meticulous calculations, and rigorous testing have been conducted to ensure that Chandrayaan-3’s lander can smoothly transition from horizontal to vertical motion and achieve a safe landing on the moon.Q10: How will Chandrayaan-3 contribute to India’s space exploration legacy?A10: Chandrayaan-3’s successful landing would add another remarkable chapter to India’s space exploration history, showcasing the nation’s determination, technological innovation, and commitment to advancing our understanding of the cosmos.
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