Fuel Price Update: Petrol, Diesel Fresh Prices Announced For August 28

📅 Date: August 12, 2022

🚗 Is this a Record? 82 Days of Steady Fuel Prices! 🛢️

Fuel prices across India have remained rock-steady for an impressive 82 days straight, up until August 12, 2022. No ups, no downs! This consistent trend began after the central government’s decision on May 22 to slice off ₹8 from each liter of petrol and ₹6 from each liter of diesel, waving away excise duty. But hold on! There’s a twist in Maharashtra, where the state government recently snipped off ₹5 from petrol VAT and ₹3 from diesel VAT.Fuel Price Today : Why Haven't They Changed?

🌆 Cities Fuel Rates: What’s the Buzz? 🔍

Current Prices on August 12, 2022:

CityPetrol (₹/litre)Diesel (₹/litre)
New Delhi96.7289.62


🔒 Price Standstill Unveiled: Why the Hush? ⚖️

State-owned oil marketers (OMCs) usually shake up petrol and diesel prices daily, driven by a 15-day rolling average of global benchmark fuel prices and foreign exchange rates. But, guess what? A pause button has been hit nationally! Why? It’s a symphony of factors – slashed excise duties and tinkered state taxes are among them.


🌍 Oil’s Global Dance: What’s on the Radar? 🛢️

Brent crude futures are dancing up by 0.2%, kissing $99.83 per barrel, while US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures shimmy with a 3-cent increase, reaching a $94.37 per barrel groove. These moves don’t just influence our pumps, they shape our pockets too.


🔍 Decoding Price Jigsaws: What’s the Secret? 🚚

Fuel prices don’t wear a uniform across India’s landscape. Local taxes (VAT), freight fees, and the central government’s excise duty all play a part in the price tags. It’s a complex puzzle of factors creating a colorful map of prices from state to state.


🔮 Fuel Price Stability: What’s Brewing?

Unchanged prices are sparking attention from citizens and market watchers alike. The harmony of domestic and global elements is what’s keeping the prices steady. 🤔 Want to know more? Stay tuned for more exciting developments that could steer the future of fuel costs. 🚀


🔴 FAQ: Unchanged Fuel Prices – Decoding the MysteryFuel Price Today : Why Haven't They Changed?

1. Q: Why the Freeze? ❄️

A: What’s behind the 82-day stretch of consistent fuel prices? Discover the factors at play, from tax adjustments to government decisions.

2. Q: When did the Steady Streak Begin? 📆

A: On May 22, 2022, a change occurred. Dive into how this pivotal date set the stage for an enduring trend in fuel costs.

3. Q: A Record Setter? 📈

A: Is this the longest spell of unwavering fuel prices? Uncover the significance of the 82-day milestone and its impact.

4. Q: Maharashtra’s Twist 🌟

A: Maharashtra stands out with its unique move – a reduction in petrol and diesel VAT. Explore how it adds a touch of variation to the fuel landscape.

5. Q: Fuel Price Formula? 📊

A: How are fuel prices typically calculated? Embark on a journey through global benchmarks, exchange rates, and the role of state-owned oil companies.

6. Q: Pause Button Activated? ⏸️

A: Why the sudden pause in fuel price adjustments? Get a grip on the symphony of factors, including excise duty cuts and state-level tax shifts.

7. Q: Tax Tango & Excise Effects 💲

A: How do local taxes and central government excise duty sway the fuel price tides? Unravel the mechanics of these contributions.

8. Q: Global Oil’s Impact? 🌎

A: Can global oil market trends sway local fuel prices? Learn how Brent crude and WTI crude futures add their rhythm to our fuel costs.

9. Q: A Watchful Eye 👀

A: Why are unchanging fuel prices turning heads? Delve into the interest they’ve sparked among the public and market watchers.

10. Q: Future Fuel Forecast? 🔮

A: What’s on the horizon for fuel prices? Stay tuned for insights on how the interplay of elements might chart the course for future costs.

🌟 You’re now equipped with insights into the unchanging fuel price saga. Explore the intricate web of factors that have kept the fuel pumps stable, and keep an eye out for what lies ahead. 🚀

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