Fuel prices have maintained their stability on Monday, August 28 across major cities including New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai. The rates for petrol and diesel remain constant from the previous day. These prices, which are set daily at 6 am, differ between states due to factors like VAT, freight charges, and local taxes.Chandrayaan-3: Shares of MTAR, Centum, Paras Defence Get Boost, Experts Recommend

Slight Price Variations:

While most states witness no change in fuel prices, Uttar Pradesh sees a 43 paise increase in both petrol and diesel costs. West Bengal experiences a rise of 44 paise in petrol and 41 paise in diesel prices. Chhattisgarh, on the other hand, witnesses a 50 paise hike in petrol and a 49 paise increase in diesel prices. Kerala and Odisha enjoy a minor reduction in fuel prices.

Current Fuel Rates in Major Cities:

CityPetrol Price (per litre)Diesel Price (per litre)
DelhiRs 96.72Rs 89.62
MumbaiRs 106.31Rs 94.27
KolkataRs 106.03Rs 92.76
ChennaiRs 102.63Rs 94.24

Why Do Fuel Prices Differ Across States?

Fuel prices vary due to several factors, including Value Added Tax (VAT), freight charges, and local taxes. These variations result in different prices for petrol and diesel in different states.

City-Wise Fuel Prices on August 28, 2023:

Here’s a snapshot of petrol and diesel prices in selected cities:

CityPetrol Price (per litre)Diesel Price (per litre)
BengaluruRs 101.94Rs 87.89
ChandigarhRs 96.20Rs 84.26
ChennaiRs 102.86Rs 94.46
GurugramRs 96.84Rs 89.72
KolkataRs 106.03Rs 92.76
LucknowRs 96.57Rs 89.76
MumbaiRs 106.31Rs 94.27
New DelhiRs 96.72Rs 89.62
NoidaRs 96.79Rs 89.96

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Easy Ways to Check Fuel Prices:

Stay informed about daily fuel prices through SMS. Send an SMS with RSP and your city code to the following numbers:

Keep an eye on the dynamic fuel prices that are influenced by global crude oil rates, and remember that local factors can lead to varying prices across states. Stay tuned for the latest updates on fuel prices!

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