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Hariyali Teej: Embracing Tradition in the Digital AgeHariyali Teej: From Swings to Social Media, a Modern Celebration!

Changing Times, Changing Celebrations

Muzaffarnagar: The spirit of Hariyali Teej is evolving with the changing times. In an era where trees are scarce in courtyards, villages, and streets, the festival is taking on a new form – one of social media reels and smartphone celebrations. The charm of this festival is now adorned with the allure of attractive gifts for newlyweds, adding a fresh twist to the age-old traditions. Urban areas are abuzz with various organizations hosting Teej events to mark the occasion.


Newlyweds’ Enthusiasm

Naman and Isha, a couple from Keshavpuri, embarked on their marital journey in January. They chose the occasion of Teej to visit Mussoorie, where Naman gifted an elegant ring and a captivating dress to his wife. For Isha, this Teej holds a special significance as it’s her first time celebrating it at her in-laws’ home. The emotions and excitement of this experience are beyond words.


The Anticipation of First Teej

Charthawal: Pulkit Kansal and Rupali, residents of Sheikhzadgan Sharki town, tied the knot in February. In preparation for Teej, Pulkit went shopping in Muzaffarnagar and surprised Rupali with a beautiful ring and jewelry the day before the festival. Rupali eagerly awaits the opportunity to partake in the age-old tradition of dressing up at her in-laws’ house for the first time. The thrill of the festivities has driven her to make meticulous preparations, despite being unfamiliar with folk songs.


Modern Shift from Swings to Screens

Nanki Kashyap, a resident of Chhimau village, reflects on how times have changed, with large courtyards and trees now being rare in villages. The once-loved ritual of adorning swings during Teej has dwindled to a mere formality. The nostalgic resonance of folk songs that used to echo in the air, like ‘Jhula to Jhule Ri Bahna Bagh Mein..,’ has faded away. The smartphone era has ushered in a new way of celebrating, with the festival’s vibrant colors now shining through screens instead of swings.

Singing Through Changing Seasons

Kusum Sharma, hailing from Charthawal’s Bazar Kalan, exemplifies the enduring spirit of the festival. Despite the changing monsoon patterns, Kusum and her friends still find joy in celebrating by singing folk songs. Verses like ‘Sawan aaya naya rang laya, hilor mein mein uthi hilor ab kaun bajaye basooriyaan’ and ‘Teijo to jhoolan saasu main chali, aisi koi suni aayi naveen naveen baat, Indra Raja bowed down in the garden’ resonate through the years as they collectively embrace the tradition, swinging to these melodies.


Preserving Tradition in the Digital Age

In the midst of a rapidly evolving world, Hariyali Teej stands as a testament to the enduring power of tradition. As urbanization and technology reshape our lives, the essence of the festival remains rooted in the joy of celebration, whether through modern reels or age-old folk songs. The charm of Teej continues to unite communities and generations, bridging the gap between the past and the present.


Hariyali Teej Celebration FAQ

1. What’s the unique twist in celebrating Hariyali Teej nowadays?

  • The festival is now celebrated by sharing social media reels.
  • Smartphones have changed how newly married women dress up and celebrate.


2. How have the celebrations evolved for newlyweds?

  • Couples like Naman and Isha are embracing the trend by gifting attractive presents.
  • Naman gifted his wife a ring and a stylish dress on their first Teej.
  • Celebrations are now marked by sharing excitement on social media platforms.


3. How are first-time celebrants making their mark on Teej?

  • Pulkit and Rupali, a newly married couple, are celebrating their first Teej.
  • Pulkit’s thoughtful gift of a ring and jewelry added to Rupali’s excitement.
  • Even without familiarity with folk songs, Rupali has prepared eagerly for the festivities.


4. What changes have urbanization brought to traditional Teej celebrations?

  • In villages, large courtyards and trees are becoming scarce.
  • The tradition of decorating swings for Teej has been transformed, now limited to formality.
  • The essence of Teej, once captured in folk songs, has shifted to the vibrant world of smartphones.


5. Are the timeless folk songs still a part of the celebration?

  • Yes, people like Kusum Sharma continue to uphold tradition by singing folk songs.
  • Even with changing monsoon patterns, these songs still resonate.
  • Verses like ‘Sawan aaya naya rang laya’ and ‘Teijo to jhoolan saasu main chali’ keep the tradition alive.


6. What’s the significance of Hariyali Teej in the modern era?

  • The festival stands as a symbol of tradition’s enduring power.
  • Despite changing times, Teej remains a bridge between generations, old and new.
  • The charm of Teej continues to unite communities, embracing both past and present.


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