Hot Instagram Update: Share Comments on 'Stories' and More!

Exciting news from the Instagram world! The popular photo and video-sharing app is cooking up some new features to make your experience even more awesome. Get ready to showcase cool comments, send audio notes to pals, and enjoy an improved group mention feature. Let’s dive into the buzz!

1.  Shoutout Your Favorite Comments on ‘Stories’

Instagram is all set to let creators share some fan love by featuring comments on their Stories. Whether it’s an interesting comment on a post or a hilarious reaction to a Reel, creators can now flaunt it on their Stories. According to the head honcho of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, this feature is about highlighting important or cool comments from other creators and fans. So, if you’ve got something witty to say, there’s a chance it might end up on your favorite creator’s Story!

2. How to Make Comments Shine on Stories

Creators participating in this testing phase can easily show off a comment by swiping it and tapping the “Add to story” icon. Guess what? The highlighted comment will show up alongside the original post in your Stories feed, making it even more visible and shareable. Exciting, right? But when will everyone get to play with this feature? Unfortunately, the head honcho didn’t spill the beans on that one. We’ll have to wait and see!

3. Voice Notes: A New Way to Chat

But that’s not all! Instagram is also cooking up a treat for those who love to chat. Say hello to audio notes that you can send to your buddies. Imagine being able to share your thoughts and feelings with your pals using your voice. While this feature is still in the works and not publicly tested yet, it sounds like a fantastic addition to the Instagram toolbox.

4. ‘Notes’: Sharing Your Thoughts

In case you missed it, Meta, the parent company of Instagram, introduced a feature called ‘Notes’ last year. With ‘Notes,’ you can create short posts using up to 60 characters, filled with text and emojis. It’s a way to share what’s on your mind with your friends and see what they’re up to. It’s a quick and snappy way to stay connected!

5. Improved Group Mention Feature

Instagram didn’t stop there! They also released a cool feature that makes tagging multiple friends in a single mention a breeze. This helps keep your stories neat and tidy, ensuring a better viewing experience for your followers. No more clutter!

6. Enhanced Protection from Unwanted Messages

And that’s not all the good news! Instagram’s got your back with improved protection from those pesky unwanted direct messages. Stay in control of your inbox and enjoy a smoother, hassle-free experience.

There you have it, the latest scoop from Instagram. From showcasing comments to sending voice notes and everything in between, the app is leveling up your experience. Keep an eye out for these exciting features rolling out in the future!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on your favorite social media platform!

Instagram Feature Update FAQ

1. What’s the big news from Instagram?

Instagram is introducing a new feature that allows creators to share comments from fans on their Stories. This includes comments on posts and Reels.

2. Who talked about this new feature?

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, revealed this exciting feature on a special channel.

3. What’s the purpose behind sharing comments on Stories?

The aim is to help creators highlight interesting or important comments from other creators or fans.

4. How can creators showcase comments on their Stories?

Creators in the testing phase can swipe a comment and tap the “Add to story” icon. This highlighted comment will then appear alongside the original post in the Stories feed.

5. Is there a timeline for everyone to get this feature?

Unfortunately, the exact rollout date for everyone to access this feature hasn’t been disclosed by Adam Mosseri.

6. What’s the additional feature Instagram is working on?

Instagram is also working on the ability to create and share audio notes with friends. This is still in development and hasn’t been tested publicly yet.

7. What was the ‘Notes’ feature introduced by Meta?

Meta introduced ‘Notes’ on Instagram, allowing users to create short posts of up to 60 characters using text and emojis. This feature helps users share their thoughts and keep up with friends.

8. Any other recent feature releases from Instagram?

Yes, Instagram released an improved group mention feature that lets users tag multiple people in a single mention, keeping stories cleaner and less cluttered.

9. What about protection from unwanted messages?

Instagram has also recently enhanced its protection against unwanted direct messages, offering users a better control over their inbox.

10. Where can we find more updates about Instagram’s new features?

Keep an eye out for further exciting updates on your favorite social media platform! Follow official Instagram channels for the latest information.

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