Cricket Carnival Alert: ICC World Cup 2023 Match Schedule Unveiled!

📅ICC World Cup 2023 match schedule🏏

DateVenueMatch Fixture
05 Oct 2023Ahmedabad, GujaratEngland vs. New Zealand
06 Oct 2023Hyderabad, TelanganaPakistan vs. Qualifier 1
07 Oct 2023Dharamsala, HPBangladesh vs. Afghanistan
07 Oct 2023DelhiSouth Africa vs. Qualifier 2
08 Oct 2023Chennai, TNIndia vs. Australia
09 Oct 2023Hyderabad, TelanganaNew Zealand vs. Qualifier 1
10 Oct 2023Dharamsala, HPEngland vs. Bangladesh
11 Oct 2023DelhiIndia vs. Afghanistan
12 Oct 2023Hyderabad, TelanganaPakistan vs. Qualifier 2
13 Oct 2023Lucknow, UPAustralia vs. South Africa
14 Oct 2023DelhiEngland vs. Afghanistan
14 Oct 2023Chennai, TNNew Zealand vs. Bangladesh
15 Oct 2023Ahmedabad, GujaratIndia vs. Pakistan
16 Oct 2023Lucknow, UPAustralia vs. Qualifier 2
17 Oct 2023Dharamsala, HPSouth Africa vs. Qualifier 1
18 Oct 2023Chennai, TNNew Zealand vs. Afghanistan
19 Oct 2023Pune, MaharashtraIndia vs. Bangladesh
20 Oct 2023Bengaluru, KarnatakaAustralia vs. Pakistan
21 Oct 2023Mumbai, MaharashtraSouth Africa vs. England
21 Oct 2023Lucknow, UPQualifier 1 vs. Qualifier 2
22 Oct 2023Dharamsala, HPIndia vs. New Zealand
23 Oct 2023Chennai, TNPakistan vs. Afghanistan
24 Oct 2023Mumbai, MaharashtraBangladesh vs. South Africa
25 Oct 2023DelhiAustralia vs. Qualifier 1
26 Oct 2023Bengaluru, KarnatakaEngland vs. Qualifier 2
27 Oct 2023Chennai, TNSouth Africa vs. Pakistan
28 Oct 2023KolkataBangladesh vs. Qualifier 1
28 Oct 2023Dharamsala, HPAustralia vs. New Zealand
29 Oct 2023Lucknow, UPEngland vs. India
30 Oct 2023Pune, MaharashtraAfghanistan vs. Qualifier 2
31 Oct 2023KolkataPakistan vs. Bangladesh
01 Nov 2023Pune, MaharashtraSouth Africa vs. New Zealand
02 Nov 2023Mumbai, MaharashtraIndia vs. Qualifier 2
03 Nov 2023Lucknow, UPQualifier 1 vs. Afghanistan
04 Nov 2023Ahmedabad, GujaratAustralia vs. England
04 Nov 2023Bengaluru, KarnatakaNew Zealand vs. Pakistan
05 Nov 2023KolkataSouth Africa vs. India
06 Nov 2023DelhiBangladesh vs. Qualifier 2
07 Nov 2023Mumbai, MaharashtraAfghanistan vs. Australia
08 Nov 2023Pune, MaharashtraEngland vs. Qualifier 1
09 Nov 2023Bengaluru, KarnatakaNew Zealand vs. Qualifier 2
10 Nov 2023Ahmedabad, GujaratAfghanistan vs. South Africa
11 Nov 2023Bengaluru, KarnatakaIndia vs. Qualifier 1
12 Nov 2023KolkataPakistan vs. England
12 Nov 2023Pune, MaharashtraBangladesh vs. Australia
15 Nov 2023Mumbai, MaharashtraSemifinal 1
16 Nov 2023KolkataSemifinal 2
19 Nov 2023Ahmedabad, GujaratThe Grand Finale


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Cricket Carnival Alert: ICC World Cup 2023 Match Schedule Unveiled!


Key Factors About This Match Schedule

Simple Schedule for a Super Showdown:

We’re breaking it down for you, so you don’t miss a beat. 🥳

Group Stage Action:

From hard-hitting showdowns to skillful spin magic, here’s what’s in store:

🏏 India vs. Pakistan – October 15: A clash of titans in Ahmedabad that’s bound to keep us on the edge of our seats!

🏏 England vs. India – October 29: Get ready for a stadium-shaking roar as India takes on England in Lucknow.

🏏 South Africa vs. Australia – October 21: Sparks will fly as these cricket powerhouses face off in Mumbai.

Semifinal Sensations:

As the tournament heats up, the intensity will be off the charts!

🔥 Semifinal 1 – November 15: Mumbai will witness a nail-biting encounter as the top teams battle for a spot in the final.

🔥 Semifinal 2 – November 16: Kolkata’s Eden Gardens will be on fire with the second semifinal showdown.

The Grand Finale:

🏆 November 19: Ahmedabad is the place to be as the two best teams go head-to-head in a battle for cricketing glory!

Stay Tuned for Cricket Magic:

Get your jerseys ready, flags waving, and snacks in place, because the ICC World Cup 2023 is going to be a cricketing spectacle like no other. Follow the action-packed journey as the world’s finest cricketers fight for victory, and mark your calendar for these unmissable moments!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule

1. When is the ICC World Cup 2023 taking place? The ICC World Cup 2023 is scheduled to be held from October 5 to November 19, 2023.

2. How many teams will participate in the tournament? A total of ten top-notch teams from around the world will compete in the ICC World Cup 2023.

3. Where will the final match of the tournament be held? The grand finale of the ICC World Cup 2023 is set to take place in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on November 19.

4. Which matches should fans keep an eye on during the group stage? The India vs. Pakistan clash on October 15 in Ahmedabad is a highlight, along with the intense showdown between England and India on October 29 in Lucknow.

5. When can we expect the semifinal matches to take place? The semifinal matches are scheduled for November 15 and 16. The first semifinal will be held in Mumbai, while the second will be hosted at Kolkata’s iconic Eden Gardens stadium.

Bonus: Where can fans catch all the thrilling cricket action? Cricket enthusiasts can catch all the exhilarating moments of the ICC World Cup 2023 on their TV screens, at the stadiums, or through live streaming platforms.

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