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ICC World Cup India Team 2023 Players List, Squad, Captain, Match Dates

Chennai: Indian captain Rohit Sharma with teammates during the third ODI cricket match between India and Australia, at M.A. Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai, Wednesday, March 22, 2023. (PTI Photo/R Senthil Kumar)(PTI03_22_2023_000184B)

🌟  ICC World Cup 2023 🌟

Hold your breath, cricket fanatics! Brace yourselves for an electrifying showdown as the 13th edition of the ICC World Cup unfolds, graced by India’s hosting prowess from October 5 to November 19, 2023. Get set for an exhilarating ride as teams clash in a riveting round-robin and knockout spectacle that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.


🌐 ICC World Cup 2023 Unveiled 🌐

Embrace the thrill of cricket as the much-anticipated ICC World Cup 2023 steps into the limelight, courtesy of the International Cricket Council (ICC). This year, India steps up as the illustrious host, taking center stage for this cricketing extravaganza. With the action commencing on October 5, 2023, and the grand finale on November 19, 2023, brace yourselves for a clash of titans. Ten formidable teams from across the globe will unleash their cricketing prowess, competing in a captivating round-robin and knockout frenzy


💥 Meet India’s Powerhouse Squad 💥

Elevate your expectations, cricket aficionados! The Indian cricket team, renowned for its remarkable history in past World Cup editions, stands poised for another epic showdown. While the official player roster for ICC World Cup 2023 remains under wraps, we’ve got a sneak peek into some standout contenders expected to grace the arena

Player Role Notable Qualities
Rohit Sharma Batting Maestro and Potential Skipper Commanding presence at the crease
Virat Kohli Maestro of Consistency Exceptional batting brilliance
Shubman Gill Young and Impactful Ready to make his mark on the big stage
Suryakumar Yadav Explosive Batting Dynamo Known for delivering explosive performances
Ishan Kishan Wicketkeeping Sensation Spotlight for his wicketkeeping skills
Sanju Samson Game Changer Capable of turning the game around
Rishabh Pant Spirited Wicketkeeper-Batsman Big hits and high spirits at the crease
Hardik Pandya Singular All-Rounder Ability to single-handedly shape victories
KL Rahul Dependable Batting Force Steadiness and strong presence
Shreyas Iyer Batting Stability Tactical brilliance in maintaining stability
Rajendra Jadeja ‘Rockstar’ All-Rounder Shines across all facets of the game
Yuzvendra Chahal Spin Wizard Masters the art of spin bowling
Axar Patel Spin Sensation Exceptional game control as a spinner
Mohamed Shami Fast-Bowling Dynamo Demolishes lineups with his pace
Washington Sundar Rising All-Rounder Promising star showcasing all-round skills
Umran Malik Speed Demon Displays boundless potential with speed

Remember, this is just a glimpse of the impending powerhouse that India’s squad could be. Await the official player’s list with bated breath!


🚀 Who Will Have Captaincy in  Indian Team 🚀

As the frenzy builds, the captaincy debate looms large. While Rohit Sharma has been leading the way, uncertainty reigns supreme. Hardik Pandya’s name also swirls in the captaincy mix. The ultimate reveal of who will guide India’s quest for ICC World Cup 2023 glory remains a tantalizing mystery.

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⚔️ ICC World Cup 2023 the Match Schedule ⚔️

Gear up for a cricketing bonanza as the action kicks off on October 5, 2023. Here’s a sneak peek into the pulse-pounding lineup

Date Venue Match Fixture
05 Oct 2023 Ahmedabad, Gujarat England vs. New Zealand
06 Oct 2023 Hyderabad, Telangana Pakistan vs. Qualifier 1
07 Oct 2023 Dharamsala, HP Bangladesh vs. Afghanistan
07 Oct 2023 Delhi South Africa vs. Qualifier 2
08 Oct 2023 Chennai, TN India vs. Australia
09 Oct 2023 Hyderabad, Telangana New Zealand vs. Qualifier 1
10 Oct 2023 Dharamsala, HP England vs. Bangladesh
11 Oct 2023 Delhi India vs. Afghanistan
12 Oct 2023 Hyderabad, Telangana Pakistan vs. Qualifier 2
13 Oct 2023 Lucknow, UP Australia vs. South Africa
14 Oct 2023 Delhi England vs. Afghanistan
14 Oct 2023 Chennai, TN New Zealand vs. Bangladesh
15 Oct 2023 Ahmedabad, Gujarat India vs. Pakistan
16 Oct 2023 Lucknow, UP Australia vs. Qualifier 2
17 Oct 2023 Dharamsala, HP South Africa vs. Qualifier 1
18 Oct 2023 Chennai, TN New Zealand vs. Afghanistan
19 Oct 2023 Pune, Maharashtra India vs. Bangladesh
20 Oct 2023 Bengaluru, Karnataka Australia vs. Pakistan
21 Oct 2023 Mumbai, Maharashtra South Africa vs. England
21 Oct 2023 Lucknow, UP Qualifier 1 vs. Qualifier 2
22 Oct 2023 Dharamsala, HP India vs. New Zealand
23 Oct 2023 Chennai, TN Pakistan vs. Afghanistan
24 Oct 2023 Mumbai, Maharashtra Bangladesh vs. South Africa
25 Oct 2023 Delhi Australia vs. Qualifier 1
26 Oct 2023 Bengaluru, Karnataka England vs. Qualifier 2
27 Oct 2023 Chennai, TN South Africa vs. Pakistan
28 Oct 2023 Kolkata Bangladesh vs. Qualifier 1
28 Oct 2023 Dharamsala, HP Australia vs. New Zealand
29 Oct 2023 Lucknow, UP England vs. India
30 Oct 2023 Pune, Maharashtra Afghanistan vs. Qualifier 2
31 Oct 2023 Kolkata Pakistan vs. Bangladesh
01 Nov 2023 Pune, Maharashtra South Africa vs. New Zealand
02 Nov 2023 Mumbai, Maharashtra India vs. Qualifier 2
03 Nov 2023 Lucknow, UP Qualifier 1 vs. Afghanistan
04 Nov 2023 Ahmedabad, Gujarat Australia vs. England
04 Nov 2023 Bengaluru, Karnataka New Zealand vs. Pakistan
05 Nov 2023 Kolkata South Africa vs. India
06 Nov 2023 Delhi Bangladesh vs. Qualifier 2
07 Nov 2023 Mumbai, Maharashtra Afghanistan vs. Australia
08 Nov 2023 Pune, Maharashtra England vs. Qualifier 1
09 Nov 2023 Bengaluru, Karnataka New Zealand vs. Qualifier 2
10 Nov 2023 Ahmedabad, Gujarat Afghanistan vs. South Africa
11 Nov 2023 Bengaluru, Karnataka India vs. Qualifier 1
12 Nov 2023 Kolkata Pakistan vs. England
12 Nov 2023 Pune, Maharashtra Bangladesh vs. Australia
15 Nov 2023 Mumbai, Maharashtra Semifinal 1
16 Nov 2023 Kolkata Semifinal 2
19 Nov 2023 Ahmedabad, Gujarat Final


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📢 Save the Dates!

Mark your calendars for these adrenaline-fueled clashes, promising to deliver cricketing thrills that will leave you speechless.

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🏆 Get Ready for Cricketing Glory! 🏆

Prepare to witness the zenith of cricketing brilliance as India hosts the ICC World Cup 2023. Stay tuned for jaw-dropping updates, unexpected twists, and moments that will etch themselves in history. The countdown to cricketing magnificence has officially begun! 🏏🌟

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