Greetings, music enthusiasts! Mithoon Sharma, known as the musical maestro Mithoon, has yet again impressed us with his enchanting melodies for Gadar 2. This time, he’s paid homage to the iconic Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel-starrer Gadar: Ek Prem Katha. Remember how he wove magic with Aashiqui 2′s tunes? In an exclusive heart-to-heart with News18 Showsha, Mithoon opens up about crafting nostalgic melodies while blending them with soulful original compositions like “Tu Jhoom” and “Khairiyat”. Let’s dive into the highlights:

Overflowing Love and Historic Moments

The accolades pouring in for Gadar 2 and its music are a bit overwhelming for Mithoon. He sees it not just as a personal victory but a monumental one for the entire Indian film industry. After the pandemic, there were doubts about audiences returning to theaters, but Gadar 2 and OMG 2 have broken records, rekindling the charm of cinema. Mithoon, an ardent fan of traditional Hindi films, is elated and grateful for the success of his soundtrack.

Continuing Magic: Gadar 2 and Aashiqui 2

Mithoon reflects on his musical journey, where he recreated the same magic he conjured with Aashiqui 2 for Gadar 2. For him, it’s all about understanding the story and characters and translating that emotion into music. Whether it’s Anil Sharma’s Gadar 2 or Mohit Suri’s Aashiqui 2, Mithoon’s focus remains on letting the work speak for itself.

Breathing New Life into Classics: Udd Jaa Kaale KaavaMithoon Shares Insights on Gadar 2's Music: A Chat with the Musical Maestro

Addressing the recreation of the iconic “Udd Jaa Kaale Kaava,” Mithoon acknowledges his stance against remixes but recognizes the emotional significance of this song for the sequel. He felt it was essential to honor the legacy of the original while adding his touch. With today’s aversion to remakes, it’s incredible how well-received his version has been, resonating with the audience.

Recrafting Main Nikla Gaddi Leke

Remaking “Main Nikla Gaddi Leke” had its own fun challenges. Mithoon’s conviction in retaining the legendary Udit Narayan’s voice paid off, and Anil Sharma backed him all the way. The song was about celebrating its melodious dance track while keeping the innocence intact.

The Dual Essence of “Tu Jhoom”

Tu Jhoom” beautifully captures duality, balancing love and spirituality. The melody was grounded in the backdrop of the 1971 era, inspired by the timeless conversations between Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaaz. Words like ‘Shokhi,’ ‘Shararat,’ ‘Nafasat,’ and ‘Nazakat’ hark back to the ’70s poetry, shaping the song’s essence.

Reuniting with Sukhwinder Singh

Mithoon’s collaboration with Sukhwinder Singh for “Sura Soi” was a joy. Sukhwinder’s spontaneity in the studio and his passionate dedication to music make every session electrifying. Mithoon felt the magic when Sukhwinder sang “Sura Soi” directly into the mic, and this set the foundation for the song’s percussive composition.

The Haunting Beauty of “Khairiyat”

“Khairiyat” demanded an atmosphere of haunting beauty, reflecting a father’s grief as he ventures into Pakistan, unaware of his son’s survival. Mithoon aimed to convey the unsaid prayer that’s felt deep within, especially during moments when words fail us.


Mithoon’s artistry continues to capture hearts, connecting emotion with melody. From paying respect to classics to infusing them with his signature soulfulness, his music thrives in both the old and new realms of Indian cinema.


FAQ: Exploring Mithoon’s Musical Magic in Gadar 2

Q1: What’s the buzz about Mithoon and Gadar 2’s music?

A: Mithoon Sharma, the musical genius, has once again dazzled us with his tunes in Gadar 2. His music has struck a chord not only with him but with the entire Indian cinema industry.

Q2: How is Mithoon processing the overwhelming response to his music?

A: Mithoon is finding it a bit overwhelming, considering the historical significance of the moment. He’s humbled by the record-breaking success of Gadar 2 and OMG 2, especially post-COVID, when people were skeptical about returning to theaters.

Q3: How does Mithoon compare Gadar 2 to his success with Aashiqui 2?

A: Mithoon shares that he approaches each project with the focus on telling the story through music. Just like Aashiqui 2, Gadar 2’s songs have resonated with audiences, capturing the essence of the characters and narrative.

Q4: What’s unique about Mithoon’s take on recreating classics?

A: Although Mithoon had reservations about remixes, he recognized the emotional value of recreating songs for Gadar 2. He believed that “Udd Jaa Kaale Kaava” was a crucial part of the sequel’s essence and aimed to honor the original while adding his own touch.

Q5: How did Mithoon approach the recreation of “Main Nikla Gaddi Leke”?

A: Mithoon’s priority was preserving the legendary Udit Narayan’s voice while infusing the song with a melodious dance track, keeping its innocence intact.

Q6: How does Mithoon’s music blend nostalgia and originality?

A: Mithoon’s song “Tu Jhoom” strikes a balance between love and spirituality, inspired by the ’70s conversations between Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaaz. The song’s essence is drawn from the poetry and emotions of that era.

Q7: What was the experience of collaborating with Sukhwinder Singh?

A: Mithoon describes Sukhwinder Singh as a lively presence in the studio. Their collaboration on “Sura Soi” was inspired by Sukhwinder’s spontaneous and passionate approach to music.

Q8: What’s the story behind the haunting beauty of “Khairiyat”?

A: “Khairiyat” was crafted to reflect a father’s grief, his journey into Pakistan oblivious to his son’s survival. Mithoon aimed to evoke a haunting yet prayerful atmosphere in this emotionally charged song.

Q9: How does Mithoon’s music resonate across different eras of Indian cinema?

A: Mithoon’s musical artistry bridges the gap between classics and contemporary cinema. His ability to infuse emotions into melodies makes his compositions timeless and relatable.

Q10: What sets Mithoon apart as a music composer and creator?

A: Mithoon’s knack for understanding stories and characters allows him to create music that truly resonates. He believes in letting his work speak for itself, striking a balance between reverence for the past and innovative originality.

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