Pininfarina B95 World's First Electric Hyper Barchetta

August 19, 2023 – 10:00 AM

Automobile Pininfarina B95, the world’s first pure-electric hypercar, features a high-capacity 120 kWh lithium-ion battery generating peak power of 1877 bhpPininfarina B95 World's First Electric Hyper Barchetta

In the world of automotive marvels, where power meets luxury, one name reigns supreme: Automobili Pininfarina B95. Amidst the fervor of Monterey Car Week, a new luminary emerges, stealing glances and setting hearts racing. Meet the Pininfarina B95, the world’s premier electric hyper speedster, a true testament to engineering finesse.Pininfarina B95 World's First Electric Hyper Barchetta

Crafted for connoisseurs and collectors, the Pininfarina B95 encapsulates the essence of exclusivity. With a mere 10 units destined for creation, it’s a spectacle that shrinks the Battista – a feat in itself – into a footnote. Even the moniker ‘hyper speedster’ seems an understatement, especially when you consider its $4.8 million price tag, a symbol of the rarified air it breathes.Pininfarina B95 World's First Electric Hyper Barchetta

The symbiotic dance of design and legacy is painted across the Pininfarina B95’s identity. The ‘B’ stands for barchetta, an ode to its open-top charisma. While ’95’ stands as a harbinger of Pininfarina SpA’s impending 95th birthday in 2025, a milestone that heralds the metamorphosis of design into destiny. By 2025, the handcrafted marvels will find their way to discerning drivers.Pininfarina B95 World's First Electric Hyper Barchetta

Yet, the Pininfarina B95 is more than mere numbers; it’s the embodiment of raw energy channeled through an electric heart. Born from the same lineage as the Battista, it shares the quad-motor electric powertrain, albeit with an exclusive twist. A 120-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery ignites the four electric motors, uniting their forces to wield 1,400 kilowatts (1,877 horsepower) and 1,741 pound-feet of torque, a symphony of power and precision.

Pininfarina B95 World's First Electric Hyper Barchetta

In the tapestry of automotive dreams, the Pininfarina B95 stands as a masterpiece, where innovation meets heritage, and performance meets passion. Its road, a canvas of conquest, beckons only a fortunate few. As the sun dips below the horizon, it leaves us with a promise – a promise of an electrifying tomorrow, forged by the hands of craftsmanship and sculpted by dreams.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Automobili Pininfarina’s B95 Hyper SpeedsterPininfarina B95 World's First Electric Hyper Barchetta

Q1: What is the Pininfarina B95 and what sets it apart?

A1: The Pininfarina B95 is a groundbreaking electric hyper speedster created by Automobili Pininfarina. What makes it truly special is its fusion of classic racing aesthetics with futuristic elements, embodying the essence of the brand’s Pura design philosophy.Pininfarina B95 World's First Electric Hyper Barchetta

Q2: How does the B95 relate to the Pura Vision concept?

A2: The B95 takes clear inspiration from Pininfarina’s Pura Vision concept, introduced recently. This influence is evident in the B95’s design language, which captures the essence of the Pura design philosophy and its forward-looking approach.Pininfarina B95 World's First Electric Hyper Barchetta

Q3: What makes the B95’s design unique?

A3: The B95 boasts an array of distinctive design elements, including an absence of a windshield, enveloping bodywork that seamlessly merges into front fenders, a high swage line, muscular wheel arches, and a luxurious two-seat cabin flanked by electronically adjustable aero screens.

Q4: Tell us about the electronically adjustable aero screens.

A4: The B95 showcases the world’s first electronically adjustable aero screens, taking inspiration from vintage fighter planes. These screens offer both an element of nostalgia and functional aerodynamics, enhancing the driving experience. They’re also accompanied by bespoke helmets that match the B95’s specifications.

Q5: What’s the significance of the B95’s name?

A5: The “B” in B95 stands for “barchetta,” highlighting its open-top design. The “95” signifies Pininfarina SpA’s 95th anniversary in 2025, a tribute to the company’s rich heritage. This marks the year when the B95 will begin its journey to customers.

Q6: What powers the B95 and what’s its performance?

A6: The B95 houses a quad-motor electric powertrain, akin to the Battista’s, though with a unique tune. It features a 120-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, propelling four electric motors to generate a combined 1,400 kilowatts (1,877 horsepower) and 1,741 pound-feet of torque, delivering remarkable performance on road and track.Pininfarina B95 World's First Electric Hyper Barchetta

Q7: Can buyers personalize their B95?

A7: Absolutely. The fortunate ten buyers of the B95 are entitled to unlimited bespoke opportunities. This includes options to create a truly unique vehicle, such as a laser-engraved aluminum door plate and tailor-made exterior and interior designs.

Q8: How does the B95 redefine design philosophy?

A8: Automobili Pininfarina’s Chief Design Officer, Dave Amantea, shares that the B95 embodies the brand’s PURA design philosophy, combining purity and timeless beauty. The Barchetta silhouette and meticulous detailing define the vehicle’s allure, setting a new benchmark for the brand’s future.Pininfarina B95 World's First Electric Hyper Barchetta

Q9: Where can we see the B95?

A9: The B95 was showcased alongside the Battista Edizione Nino Farina and the Pura Vision concept at Monterey Car Week, offering an up-close view of its mesmerizing design and personalization possibilities.

Q10: How can I stay updated on the B95’s journey?

A10: To stay connected with the B95’s journey and learn more about its milestones, innovations, and exclusivity, follow Automobili Pininfarina’s official channels, website, and social media platforms.Pininfarina B95 World's First Electric Hyper Barchetta

Highlighted Phrases:

  • B95 Hyper Speedster: Unveiling Innovation
  • Pura Design Philosophy: A Fusion of Eras
  • Distinctive Design Elements: Aesthetic Symphony
  • Electronically Adjustable Aero Screens: Nostalgia Meets Aerodynamics
  • B95: Where Heritage Meets Modernity
  • Unleashing Power: Performance Beyond Limits
  • Personalized Expression: Your Unique B95
  • Dave Amantea: Crafting the Future
  • Monterey Car Week: Where Dreams Unfold
  • Join the Journey: Stay Informed


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