Today's Fuel Prices in India: Why Petrol and Diesel Cost Differently in Each City

Hey there, folks! It’s your HundiTimes reporter here, breaking down the nitty-gritty of petrol and diesel prices in India for you. We know it can be a bit confusing, but we’re here to simplify it for our 10th standard student readers.

Fuel Prices Across India


In the heart of India, Delhi, petrol costs Rs 96.72 per liter, and diesel is priced at Rs 89.62 per liter.


The city of dreams, Mumbai, continues to see high prices with petrol at Rs 106.31 per liter and diesel at Rs 94.27 per liter.

City-wise Breakdown

CityPetrol (Rs/Liter)Diesel (Rs/Liter)

Now, let’s dive into why these prices vary so much!

Why Do Prices Fluctuate?

1. Crude Oil Prices:

First off, the cost of the raw material, crude oil, plays a huge role. When crude oil prices go up worldwide, our petrol and diesel prices follow suit.

2. Exchange Rate:

Since we import a lot of our crude oil, the exchange rate between the Indian Rupee and the US Dollar is crucial. A weaker Rupee can make fuel more expensive.

3. Taxes:

Ah, taxes! Both the central and state governments impose taxes on petrol and diesel, and these taxes can differ from state to state. They significantly influence the final price you pay at the pump.

4. Refining Costs:

Turning crude oil into the fuels we use isn’t cheap. The refining process can be costly, depending on various factors like the type of crude oil and how efficient the refinery is.

5. Demand:

If everyone suddenly needs more petrol and diesel, prices can rise. High demand usually means higher prices.

Recent Changes

You might remember that fuel prices have been pretty steady since May 2022. Back then, the central government and some states decided to cut fuel taxes to give us some relief.

So, there you have it, folks! The next time you’re at the petrol pump, you’ll know why prices are what they are. Remember, it’s a mix of international crude oil costs, taxes, and a bit of supply and demand thrown in.

FAQ About Fuel Prices in India

Q1: What are the current petrol and diesel prices in Delhi?

  • A1: As of September 24, 2023, petrol in Delhi costs Rs 96.72 per liter, while diesel is priced at Rs 89.62 per liter.

Q2: Why are petrol prices in Mumbai consistently above Rs 100 per liter?

  • A2: In Mumbai, petrol prices on September 24 were at Rs 106.31 per liter, and diesel was being sold at Rs 94.27 per liter, primarily due to various factors, including taxes and local conditions.

Q3: How do fuel prices vary across different cities in India?

  • A3: Fuel prices differ from city to city. For instance, in Chennai, petrol costs Rs 102.63 per liter, while in Bengaluru, it’s Rs 101.94 per liter. Diesel prices also vary similarly.

Q4: Why do fuel prices fluctuate in India?

  • A4: Fuel prices are influenced by factors such as global crude oil prices, exchange rates, taxes, refining costs, and demand. Changes in any of these factors can lead to fluctuations in petrol and diesel prices.

Q5: Have there been any recent changes in fuel prices in India?

  • A5: Fuel rates have remained unchanged since May 2022 when the central government and some states reduced fuel taxes to provide relief to consumers.

Q6: How does the exchange rate affect fuel prices in India?

  • A6: The exchange rate between the Indian Rupee and the US Dollar impacts fuel prices because India imports a significant portion of its crude oil. A weaker Rupee can lead to higher fuel costs.

Q7: What role do taxes play in determining fuel prices?

  • A7: Both central and state governments impose taxes on petrol and diesel. These taxes can vary from state to state and have a substantial impact on the final price at the pump.

Q8: How does the demand for petrol and diesel influence their prices?

  • A8: If there is a surge in demand for petrol and diesel, prices can rise accordingly. Increased demand can put upward pressure on fuel prices.

Q9: What is the significance of the cost of refining in fuel pricing?

  • A9: The cost of refining crude oil into petrol and diesel affects the final price of these fuels. It can vary depending on factors such as the type of crude oil used and refinery efficiency.

Q10: Are there any recent developments in fuel pricing that consumers should be aware of?

  • A10: Fuel prices have been relatively stable since May 2022 when the government reduced fuel taxes. Consumers should stay updated on global oil price trends and government policies that may impact fuel prices in the future.

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