Plan an Critical Indian Defense Data in Peril 


What's the alarming news about Indian defense data 

A group of cyber troublemakers has appeared, attempting to sell highly sensitive and secret information from parts of the Indian military, including the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Border Security Force, on the internet. This poses a significant threat to our national security.

How much data has been compromised? 

he group claims to have accessed a massive 40 gigabytes of sensitive data, comprising over 21,000 documents across 60 different folders.  


What actions are being taken against this breach? 

Government agents are currently investigating the leaks, scrutinizing around 70 documents so far. Their aim is to halt these breaches and ensure they don't occur again. 

Terrain Map

his cyber threat group has impressively assembled 16 sets of classified facts from different parts of our military. Shockingly, they're selling these sets on a digital platform, showcasing their audacity. 

How have the armed forces responded to the threat? 

Alarms are ringing across relevant armed forces units due to the leak. While the identity of the culprits remains unknown, investigators are actively working on the case. 


Quick Warnings and Taking Care: 

Because of this leak, alarms are sounding in all the relevant parts of the armed forces. Even though we don't know who's behind this trouble just yet, our investigators are hard at work. This person or group has a track record of going after India's security and military groups, which is making everyone super concerned. 

Secret Stuff Now Out in the Open: 

The information that's gotten out there includes private yearly reports, details about explosives, notes made by our forces, techie yearly reports, designs, communication info, and deployment data. This is all stuff that's super private and is about our defense system. 



As our nation's security forces work quickly to put an end to this mess, big questions pop up about what these cyber threats mean for us in this super-connected world. 

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